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Web_Richard_Profile_PicName - Richard Hale
Position - Managing Director
35 Years in the Aquatic Trade

Favourite Fish – Aphyosemion Killifish

Richard is a passionate believer in OATA in the good they do for the aquatic industry as a whole and has been on the board of directors for the past 10 years.

He started out working in a Garden Centre after school helping run there aquatics, Richard moved on to opening his first retail aquatic shop in Stafford. He then moved into the wholesale side of the Aquatic industry and formed Berry Ring over 20 years ago.

Richard likes to travel; he’s particularly fond of the Far East having taken business trips there and personal holidays. Another of Richard’s true passions is electronic music, he has his own recording studio where he spends many happy an hour playing with his synths. Richard also likes reptiles and in the past has kept several different species of snakes. Number one on Richards bucket list is to visit Komodo to see the world famous Komodo dragons.

Rob_McCutcheonName - Rob McCutcheon
Position - Director
16-17 Years within the Aquatic Trade

Favourite Fish – Great White Shark (we have lots of big tanks... but not that big!!)

Rob has been at Berry Ring right from the beginning and helped Richard build and develop the company to what it is today.

He knows the building and the technical systems like the back of his hand although Rob expects the highest standards from all of us at Berry Ring, you always know he’ll have a laugh and a joke (as long as he’s had his morning brew!)

He has a young family and loves to spend as much time as possible with them. He also loves football and supports Stoke City religiously and enjoys going to as many home games as possible in the season and then socialising with his mates afterwards with a few beers. Robs interests are in the natural world and history in general; he enjoys reading and watching documentaries of wildlife, history and technology.

Robs number one on his bucket list is to go in a cage and dive with Great White Sharks.

LeahName - Leah
Position - Senior Accounts Manager
9 Years with Berry Ring

Favourite Fish – Every time we sell one!!

Leah joined the company 9 years ago and during that time has helped keep a check on Richard and Robs spending (haha!).

Before coming to Berry Ring Leah worked in the accounts department for a large railway company gaining useful experience within business accounting which has been invaluable in her role at Berry Ring.

In her spare time she enjoys spending time in her caravan, which during the summer months she takes away most weekends with her family and two dogs, Gypsy and Ember. She loves hill walking so this gives her and her family quality time together in the beautiful British countryside.

Leah likes to relax with a large glass of red wine she says she needs that to unwind after spending too much time with Rob and Richard!

Number one on Leahs bucket list is to go on safari in Kenya.

Ricki_Profile_PicName - Ricki
Position - Fish House Manager / Delivery Driver
6 Years within the Aquatic Trade

Favourite Fish – Greenline Ghost Koi Carp

Ricki has also been with Berry Ring over three years now.

He has kept fish all his life and has both tropical and cold water tanks at home,  after 2 years of studying Aquaculture he received a national diploma.

His general interests out of work involve going to the football to see his beloved football team, West Brom, and he also enjoys socialising with his friends and family. He does a lot of fishing in his spare time too.

Number one on Ricki’s bucket list is to go whale watching and see the gigantic Blue and Humpback whales up close!


Rob_Dawes_Profile_PicName - Rob Dawes
Position - Northern Area Manager
Over 20 Years in the Aquatic Trade

Favourite Fish – L46 Zebra Pleco

Rob joined Berry Ring over a year ago and has already become an important member of the team.

Rob has over 20 years experience within the aquatic trade having managed two retail outlets, one for 6 years and the other for 11 years.

He also has 4 years experience in the wholesale side of the trade this has given Rob a good understanding of how the aquatic trade works from both sides and his knowledge as such of fish, fish health and all aspects of fish keeping is second to none.

Rob has in the past kept many varieties of fish at home but now only has a koi pond and a small fish tank for his two children. He enjoys weekends away with his family in their caravan during the summer months.

Number one on Robs bucket list is to visit the Amazon Rainforest!.