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Berry Ring Fish Facilities

Berry Rings Purpose built Fish HouseBerry Ring is based on the outskirts of Stafford in a purpose built fish facility. We have an indoor heated koi room with a capacity of 29,000 litres and two further outdoor enclosed rooms providing over 50,000 litres water. These outdoor rooms provide homes for our premium Greenline fish and also imported Goldfish, Shubunkin and Orfe.

Along with our coldwater fish, we import and distribute tropical and marine fish from all over the world.

We also have our own exclusive Czech supplier who we have been worked with for over 12 years.

Berry Ring offer an extremely high standard of service at competitive rates.  Our staff are highly trained and motivated, and work hard to maintain our excellent reputation.

Berry Ring Cold Water TanksNew Bio Secure Israel Holding Tanks for Koi and other fish (29,000 liters)Berry RIngs own Greenline brand of coldwater fish